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Solar Beacon Light Warning Magnet Blue & Red 5.5" Big

Solar Beacon Light Warning Magnet Blue & Red 5.5" Big

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Model Name. Warning Magnet Blue & Red 5.5" Big
Dimension 5.5 ( 18 X 14 )
Material PC lens – PPC Cover
Weight 0.900 K.G

This is a Beacon Light blue and a red warning strip that is 5.5 inches bigger. It has the following features:


360-degree warning with 8 LED lights
Improved visibility during the day and night with the reflective strip/ 3 modes
On/Off switch
It works using magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces. It provides a noticeable warning with the prominent blue and red colors, increasing safety for the vehicles and workers.

The 5.5-inch size makes it big and visible from far away. The magnets securely attach it so it stays in place under bumps and movement. Overall, it's a simple yet effective solution to improve visibility and safety on work sites.

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