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Solar Lamp Cone Base Red/Yellow Small CH 90104

Solar Lamp Cone Base Red/Yellow Small CH 90104

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Model Name. Solar Lamp Cone Base Orange Small
Dimension 170x 90x 90MM
Material PC lens – PPC Cover
Color Red or Yellow 
Weight 0.2 KG


This compact yet effective solar traffic cone light upgrade attracts attention and warns drivers in an eye-catching way. Features include:

• 6 bright LEDs provide warning in two directions for maximum visibility during day and night, guiding drivers safely past your work area.

• Reflective surfaces enhance warning further, catching the eyes of drivers in all light conditions from dawn to dusk.

• An on/off switch conserves power when the light is not needed, extending the life of the solar panel.

• The miniature 85mm base fits securely on traffic cones as small as 170mm in diameter.

• Made from durable and weather-resistant PC lens and PPC materials that can handle impacts and weather extremes.

• The traffic-stopping red color and bi-directional light draw immediate attention, helping the cone stand out against the road surface.

• Weighing only 200 grams, the lightweight design is easy to install and remove from traffic cones as your work requires.

The affordable solar cone light delivers a striking visual upgrade to standard traffic cones, improving visibility, safety, and professionalism for your work zones and roadside operations.

The combination of 6 bright LEDs, reflective enhancements, and small footprints provide excellent warning and guidance for drivers moving past your work area - day or night, rain or shine Habibi!

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