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SS A Board Appropriate Parking CH 13092 لوحة موقف مناسب من الستانلس

SS A Board Appropriate Parking CH 13092 لوحة موقف مناسب من الستانلس

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Model Name SS A Board Appropriate Parking
Dimension: 23x 31x 60 CM
MaterialStainless Steel
Weight: 3.65 KG





This heavy-duty stainless steel appropriate parking sign will help guide and organize traffic flow with professionalism and durability.

Made of weather-resistant stainless steel with a symmetrical foldable design and built-in carrying handle, this compact sign is easy to transport yet robust enough to withstand constant use.

Measuring 23x 31x 60 cm when open and weighing 3.65 kg, this foldable sign is simple yet effective at communicating the "Appropriate Parking" message with clear graphic symbols and text that can be seen from a distance.

Whether used indoors or outdoors, the stainless steel construction ensures this sign will last for years of use in busy parking lots, driveways, shopping centers, and public parking facilities.

The convenient built-in handle allows you to easily position the sign as needed and then fold it completely flat for compact storage when not in use.

If you need an effective yet unobtrusive metal sign that can be quickly and efficiently deployed to direct proper parking, this quality stainless steel appropriate parking sign will serve your needs well. The robust build and space-saving design make this a versatile and functional addition to any parking area.

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