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Wheel Chock Rubber 5 K.G CH 12060 مسند العجلة /مانع انزلاق العجلة

Wheel Chock Rubber 5 K.G CH 12060 مسند العجلة /مانع انزلاق العجلة

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Wheel Chock Rubber 5 K.G

Dimension 240 x 280 x 200

Material RUBBER

Color Black

Weight 5 K.G


The Wheel Chock Rubber 5KG CH 12060 is an effective wheel chock for preventing wheels from moving during loading or unloading operations. Features include:

• Made of durable soft rubber that can withstand impacts

• Dimensions of 240mm length, 280mm width, and 200mm height provide a large surface area for the wheel to sit securely

• Weighs 5KG which provides stability and strong immobilization under the weight of wheels and vehicles

• Features a simple yet robust design that is easy to handle and transport

• The distinctive black color matches most industrial and commercial environments

• Helps reduce noise and wheel vibrations during unloading operations.

In general, the 5KG wheel chock provides a practical and effective solution for immobilizing wheels during loading and unloading operations in warehouses and storage facilities.

The rubber material of the wheel chock allows it to absorb shocks from moving vehicles while gripping the ground firmly. It can be easily placed in front or behind wheels to prevent rolling.

The heavy-duty rubber construction ensures long-lasting performance. The non-slip textured surface and beveled edges provide a secure hold on various floor surfaces.

Overall, this affordable rubber wheel chock offers a dependable and easy-to-use option for securing vehicles, trailers, trucks, carts, pallets, and other wheeled equipment to prevent unwanted movement.

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