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Solar Lamp Cone Orange Big L ضوء تحذيري سولر برتقالي او احمر كبير

Solar Lamp Cone Orange Big L ضوء تحذيري سولر برتقالي او احمر كبير

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The solar lamp cone orange big L provides enhanced safety and visibility for road work sites. Features include:

• A bright 1 LED array provides bidirectional lighting that illuminates two directions for maximum visibility during both day and night.

• Warning and visibility are further enhanced with a reflective sheet and side reflectors that help drivers see the cone from far away, both during the day and at night.

• An on/off switch allows you to turn the light on when needed and turn it off to conserve power when not in use.

• The low profile cone base measures just 85mm high and fits securely over traffic cones with a diameter of 170mm.

• The cone base is made from durable PC lens and weather-resistant PPC materials.

• The orange color ensures the warning cone is highly visible against the road environment.

• The lightweight design at only 330 grams allows for easy installation and removal from traffic cones.

The solar lamp cone provides a cost-effective way to upgrade standard traffic cones with solar powered lighting. The bright LED, reflectors and low profile design help increase safety during roadwork and construction activities.
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