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Plastic Expandable Barricade Yellow - 350CM for Pedestrian Safety

Plastic Expandable Barricade Yellow - 350CM for Pedestrian Safety

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Item Type: Expandable Barricade
Color: Yellow
Special Features: Foldable Design
                             4x Wheels for Easy Transportation
                             Modular Interlocking
                             Auto-Expanding Lock

Made In: China
Item Dimension: 350 x 25x 100 CM
Package Dimension: 13 x 82x 52 CM
Weight: 6.2 KG

About this item

The 3.5 Meter extendable pedestrian barrier is portable and simple to maintain. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It has four wheels for ease of transportation and is made to close entrances to locations such as warehouses, parking lots, workshop entrances, and other enclosed spaces. There are many uses for this device, from warehouses to schools. When not in use, this barrier may be folded to a very tiny width, taking up very little storage room. When folded, the barrier is secured with a lock. And this barrier is perfect for guarding work areas or limiting entry to keep people from walking in. It can be employed in locations including warehouses, building sites, and several public venues.
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