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Solar Lamp Bolts Fix Bracket Red

Solar Lamp Bolts Fix Bracket Red

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Solar Model  Solar Lamp Bolts Fix Bracket Red
Dimension 175 X 30 X 365
Material PC lens – PPC Cover
Weight 400 K.G


A red solar lamp is designed to be mounted using a fixing bracket.


Dimensions: 175 X 30 X 365 mm
Material: PC plastic lens and PPC cover
Weight: 0.4 kg
It can be attached to a cone-shaped bracket directly.


1 LED light that provides a warning in 2 directions

Provides visibility during both day and night

On/off switch

It is powered by solar energy, with a built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery.


The solar lamp is meant to provide illumination and visibility for traffic cones and other warning devices, especially at night or in low light conditions.

The fixing bracket allows it to be securely mounted to a cone or post. The red color is standard for warning lights.

The single LED light provides basic visibility in both directions. Solar power eliminates the need for wiring or electrical connections.

Overall, the solar lamp bolt fixing bracket provides a simple, affordable solution to improve the visibility and safety of traffic cones and warning devices around work zones and hazards.

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