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Stainless Steel Caution Wet Floor Sign for Outdoor and Indoor

Stainless Steel Caution Wet Floor Sign for Outdoor and Indoor

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Item Type: Caution Wet Floor Sign
Brand: Berry
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Design: Stackable (not foldable)
Frame Type: Type A
Dimensions: 460x 580x 600MM
Suitable for: Outdoor and indoor applications.

About this item

The Caution Wet Floor Sign is made of high-quality, lightweight stainless steel, this sign is both durable and easy to handle, thanks to its symmetrical body and hand grip. The sign features clear, bold lettering and graphics, imprinted with the words "CAUTION WET FLOOR" and a triangular warning symbol, to make it easy to identify even from a distance. Its clear and concise identification helps to ensure that employees and customers are aware of dangerous slippery surfaces and take appropriate precautions. With its lightweight design, easy-to-grip handle, and clear warning signs, this Caution Wet Floor Sign is an excellent choice for any workplace or public area.

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