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Wheel Chock 12056 Big 3.5 K.G مسند العجلات

Wheel Chock 12056 Big 3.5 K.G مسند العجلات

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Wheel Chock 12056  Big 3.5 K.G مسند العجلاتDimension 220 x 115 x 180

Material RUBBER

Color: Black 

Weight: 3.1 K.G

Wheel Chock Big 3.5 K.G ., is a reliable accessory designed to prevent wheel movement and enhance safety in various applications. With its robust construction and durable rubber material, this wheel chock provides dependable stability and protection.

Measuring 220 x 115 x 180 mm, this wheel chock offers a compact yet effective solution for securing vehicles in place. Its sturdy rubber construction ensures a secure grip on various surfaces, preventing accidental movement and potential accidents.
Weighing 3.1 kg, this wheel chock strikes the perfect balance between strength and portability, making it convenient for transportation and storage.

The Wheel Chock Big is versatile in its applications, serving as a reliable wheel stop protector. Whether used in parking lots, garages, or industrial settings, it provides an effective barrier against unintentional vehicle movement.

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