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Delineator 100 CM or 75 CM Black 12288 عمود مرن 100 سم اسود

Delineator 100 CM or 75 CM Black 12288 عمود مرن 100 سم اسود


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Model: Name. Delineator 100cm  or  75 CM Black
Dimension : 80 X 1000 or 80 X 750
Material: PU
Color: Black 
Weight: 1.6 K.G or 1.2 K.G 


The delineator stake provides a flexible road

• The long 1000 mm length makes it suitable for lining up in a row to delineate lanes and guide traffic over longer distances.

• Made from durable PU material that can withstand weathering, impacts, and flexing without breaking.

• The black color helps the delineator blend into the road surface while still being visible to drivers.

• The flexible design allows the stake to bend up to 30 degrees without breaking, adding impact resistance and durability.

• Can be joined end-to-end with other delineators using screws and anchors into the road surface, to create a continuous delineation and guidance system.

• Weighs only 1.6 kg making it easy to install and replace as needed.

The delineator stake provides a cost-effective way to guide and warn traffic, helping to increase safety for roadworks and lane delineation over longer distances. The flexible, durable design ensures long-lasting performance even under demanding conditions.

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