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Drop over Cable Protector /Cable Protector Indoor Small/

Drop over Cable Protector /Cable Protector Indoor Small/

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Model Name. Cable Protector Indoor Small
Dimension 1000 x 140 x 20
Material PLASTIC
Color Yellow 
Weight 0.9 K.G

This is a cable protector made of durable rubber and plastic materials. It is designed to cover and protect cables from damage.


• Self-joining parts - no screws needed for installation. You join the parts together.

• Easy to install and connect - just drop it over the cables and join the ends. No tools are required.

• Made from impact-resistant rubber and rigid PC plastic to protect cables from damage.

• Flexible speed bump design - the convex shape slows objects or carts rolling over the cable protector, reducing stress on cables.

• Available in long lengths to cover cables spanning large distances. The sections join seamlessly.


The cable protector covers and shields cables from damage, abrasion, and impacts. It protects cables from:

• Being run over or snagged by carts and equipment
• Sharp objects that could cut into exposed cables
• Chemical or liquid spills

Typical uses:

• In industrial facilities cover power cables on floors
• In warehouses to cover data cables between machines
• In offices to cover cables under desks and around equipment

The flexible rubber and plastic construction make this an effective yet affordable cable protection solution. The self-joining design simplifies installation without the need for tools or screws.
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