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Hand Warning Rechargeable Bi Direction CH 1110

Hand Warning Rechargeable Bi Direction CH 1110

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Product Name: Rechargeable Bi-directional Safety Baton

Key Details
• Provides maximum visibility and audible warning to drivers and pedestrians for safety
• Round paddle design that is easy to use and recognizable for drivers
• Features 16 smart LED lights that provide enhanced warning during day and night
• On/off switch for easy operation
• Coated with high-quality reflective material on both sides
• Bi-directional warning with red and green color LED lights to indicate stop-and-go signals
• Available with a rechargeable battery or replaceable battery option
• Lightweight with a wrist strap for convenience

• Designed to provide maximum visibility and warning to drivers, pedestrians, and workers
• Typically used by crossing guards to guide cars through walkways ensuring their safety
• Can be used on construction sites to protect workers from collisions when vehicles move around work areas

Key Benefits
• Simple and effective tool to manage traffic and ensure pedestrian safety
• Enhances visibility in all lighting conditions
• Portable and easy to operate
• Long-lasting LED lights for durability
• Affordable safety solution

Safety paddles are used to provide visible warnings in different places:

• Construction sites: To protect workers from collisions with moving equipment and vehicles while working

• Crosswalk areas: To help to crossguards safely direct the flow of vehicles and pedestrians through crosswalks

• School bus stations: To manage the movement of buses and vehicles during student drop-offs and pick-ups

• High-traffic work zones: To safely guide vehicles within work areas or parking lots

• Narrow streets: To assist drivers in maneuvering cautiously through tight spots

• Inside factories: To safely direct the movement of internal equipment and vehicles

They provide clear visual and audible warnings that prevent collisions and accidents. They are also easy to use and portable.

The key benefits of using safety paddles include the following:

• Increased safety - They reduce the risk of accidents by enhancing visibility and providing clear warnings.

• Traffic management - They can organize and direct the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in busy areas.

• Versatility - They can be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings.

• Low cost - Safety paddles offer an affordable safety solution.

• Ease of use - They are designed to be simple and convenient for
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