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No Parking SS Sign

No Parking SS Sign

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 Model Name. No Parking SS Sign 

Dimension 46x 58x 61CM

Material Stainless Steel

Weight 2.30 KG



This is a large 61cm tall stainless steel no parking sign. The durable steel construction makes it suitable for outdoor use. The large 46 by 58-centimeter surface area ensures the sign is highly visible and the 'no parking' message is clear and conspicuous. The rigid steel frame keeps the sign stable when placed on the ground or mounted to a wall.

The reflective silver finish blends well in most environments while also providing good visibility, especially at night. The bold black lettering contrasts against the background, further improving legibility. The thin steel profile gives the sign a modern appearance that will complement both traditional and contemporary settings.

This floor-standing sign is perfect for parking lot lanes, driveways, alleyways, loading zones, and other areas where parking is restricted. The freestanding design lets you simply place the sign where needed without mounting hardware. The tall height helps it catch the attention of drivers from a distance, ensuring the parking restriction is noticed in time.

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