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Reserve Parking SS Sign CH 13082

Reserve Parking SS Sign CH 13082

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This parking sign is an ideal and practical solution for reserving parking spots in commercial parking lots, hotels, hospitals, businesses, event venues, and more.

Made of durable stainless steel, this reserve parking sign is weather and corrosion-resistant making it long-lasting even in harsh conditions.

• Dimensions of 46 cm x 58 cm x 61 cm provides a large surface area for visibility while remaining portable.

• The thickness and weight of 2.3 kg ensure the sign can withstand impacts, knocks, and movement of vehicles.

• The sign features a bold "Reserve" message printed in both English and Arabic for broad linguistic comprehension.

• The stainless steel construction gives the sign an attractive modern look that blends in with most industrial and commercial environments.

• The 4 holes at the corners allow for easy installation using bolts, screws, zip ties, or rope. The sign can also be freestanding using the built-in handles.

• This endurance-built parking sign requires virtually no maintenance to keep it in good condition for long-term use.

In summary, the Stainless Steel Parking Reserve Sign provides a robust yet aesthetically pleasing solution for effectively reserving parking spaces for VIPs, customers, guests with special needs, and more. With proper care, this sign should last for the long term with reliable performance.

The modern design, durable build, bilingual messaging, and low maintenance needs make this an ideal choice for reserving parking wherever needed

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