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Road Marking Button

Road Marking Button

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120 x 120 x 32


Screw 8 × 70 × 14/ Pin and Glue down with Epoxy


Three Cat Eyes – Both Sides

The road marking button is a product used for keeping roads and improving traffic safety. It is designed to be installed on asphalt using nails or screws and glued down with epoxy.

The product is small, measuring 120mm by 120mm by 32mm. It is made of ABS plastic which is solid yet light.

The road marking button can be used in different ways. It can keep the edges of roads, bike lanes, and pedestrian crossings. It can improve visibility in bad weather. It can also mark emergency exits and hazard areas in industrial zones.

The product is easy to install and maintain. It resists corrosion and wears over time. It comes in bright yellow for high visibility.

The road marking button is a reliable product for improving traffic safety and marking areas on roads. It should be installed correctly following instructions to work well and last a long time.

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