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Rotating Warning Light 12-24V Orange 3.5

Rotating Warning Light 12-24V Orange 3.5

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 Rotating Warning Light 12-24V Orange 3.5

Dimensions: 3.5 inches diameter, 12.3 cm x 10 cm cylindrical shape

Materials: Durable polycarbonate (PC) lens and polyphenylene ether (PPC) cover for withstanding weather conditions.

Color: Highly visible orange body for optimal day and night conspicuity.

Weight: Under 1 kg for convenient portability and installation.

Power: Can operate using 12-24V power for flexible applications.

Applications: Ideal as a beacon or warning light on vehicles, machinery, and emergency response equipment for increased visibility and safety awareness.


360-degree omnidirectional visibility with 64 ultra-bright LEDs for maximum alert coverage
Enhanced warning during day and night thanks to a reflective sheet and 3 distinct flash patterns
Compact size and rotational mounting enables flexible installation on varied surfaces
Continuous rotational motion ensures non-stop visual warnings from all angles
Weatherproof construction allows for reliable operation in harsh outdoor conditions
This high-performance rotating beacon utilizes LEDs, reflectivity, and motion activation to reliably draw attention in any environment or lighting scenario. Its automatic operation and low-power design provide valuable safety benefits for operators through consistent 360-degree alert patterns.

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