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Corner Guard 100CM

Corner Guard 100CM

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Corner Guard 100CM, is a versatile solution designed to protect corners and edges in various environments. With its sleek design and durable construction, this corner guard offers reliable protection for cars' walls and

Measuring 1000 x 70 x 10 mm, this PVC corner guard provides ample coverage to safeguard corners from accidental impacts, scratches, and wear. Its compact size ensures a seamless fit in any space.

Weighing just 2 kg, this corner guard is lightweight yet sturdy, providing a balance between strength and easy handling during installation.

Installation is a breeze, as the corner guard can be securely fixed to the wall using 30x80mm screws and anchors. Simply align the guard with the corner, drill the holes, and fasten it in place using the provided hardware.

Whether in residential parking or commercial settings, the Corner Guard 100CM offers reliable protection against everyday accidents and wear, 

The wall guards are made out of PVC and they have bright colors to warn of potential danger.

Reflective yellow safety strips bring attention to the wall corner. This Rubber Wall Guard is made from

High-Quality Flexible PVC can be used to protect the Pillars

also the Walls in the Parking areas

Upgrade your space with the Corner Guard 100CM and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your corners are safeguarded from potential damage.


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