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Mermaid Flat Water Stop | 10 Meter Flat Ribbed PVC Water Stop| 200 MM

Mermaid Flat Water Stop | 10 Meter Flat Ribbed PVC Water Stop| 200 MM


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The carefully designed ribbed texture enhances grip and stability, elevating the Mermaid Flat Water Stop's effectiveness in thwarting water ingress. Rely on this stalwart companion to stand by your side in constructing projects that demand not just reliability but excellence in waterproofing.
At Biri Group, we take pride in delivering not merely a product but a comprehensive solution, where innovation seamlessly marries with unwavering reliability.
Elevate your construction endeavors with the Mermaid Flat Water Stop, ensuring your structures not only endure but triumph over the challenges presented by water, maintaining structural integrity for years to come.

Brand Name: Mermaid Flat Water Stop
Type: Flat Ribbed PVC Water stop without bulb
Size: From 200 
Length: 10m, 12 m / Roll
Material: Polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C)
Features: Flat Ribbed without bulb
Application: R C Flat Roof / Bridge Deck / Dams / Canals / Spillways
Made in: UAE

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