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Mermaid Central Bulb Water Stop| 15Meter Blue PVC Water Stop 250mm

Mermaid Central Bulb Water Stop| 15Meter Blue PVC Water Stop 250mm


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Fortify your concrete and masonry projects against water intrusion with the Mermaid Central Bulb Water Stop. This dependable, 15-meter roll of blue PVC water stop effectively seals joints, safeguarding the integrity of your structure.

The water stop's core advantage lies in its central bulb design. This innovative shape acts as a barrier, deflecting water away from the joint. This functionality extends to uneven surfaces and corners, ensuring a watertight seal throughout your project. The Mermaid Central Bulb Water Stop is a versatile solution for various applications, including basements, foundations, retaining walls, tunnels, pools, and water features.

  • Item Type: Water Stop
  • Brand: Mermaid
  • Type: Central Bulb
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimension: 300x25m 
  • Color: Blue

About this item

- Water Stop should be inside two pieces of concrete with attention not to submerge the opening of the central bulb.
- Water stop should tend with nearest steel bar column of a network of concrete, Be sure to fill the concrete and do not leave any space between concrete and water stop.

 Uses :
- Basements and underground structures
- Swimming pools/reservoir/water tank
- Tunnels and subways / Water Excluding Structures
- R C Flat Roof / Bridge Deck / Dams / Canals / Spillways

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