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Mermaid Flat Water Stop | 25 Meter Flat Ribbed PVC Water Stop| 200 MM

Mermaid Flat Water Stop | 25 Meter Flat Ribbed PVC Water Stop| 200 MM


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Unveiling the Mermaid Flat Water Stop by Biri Group, an unwavering defender poised to strengthen your construction endeavors against water intrusion. Spanning an impressive 25 meters, this robust solution provides extensive coverage, establishing a reliable fortress against the ceaseless challenges of water forces.

Crafted from high-caliber ribbed PVC and boasting a commanding width of 200mm, the Mermaid Flat Water Stop assures unparalleled durability and longevity in the face of diverse construction environments. Its sleek, flat design facilitates seamless installation, effortlessly integrating into your projects while delivering an unmatched level of protection against water infiltration.

Brand Name: Mermaid Flat Water Stop
Type: Flat Ribbed PVC Water stop without bulb
Size: From 200 mm 
Length 25 m / Roll
Material: Polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C)
Features: Flat Ribbed without bulb
Application: R C Flat Roof / Bridge Deck / Dams / Canals / Spillways
Made in: UAE

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