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25 Meter Plastic Chain 6mm Thickness - Yellow and Black

25 Meter Plastic Chain 6mm Thickness - Yellow and Black

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Introducing our vibrant 25 Meter Plastic Chain, designed with your safety and style in mind. This high-quality chain boasts an impressive 6mm thickness, providing durability you can trust. Its striking combination of Yellow and Black not only ensures visibility but also adds a touch of flair to any space.

Crafted for both practicality and aesthetics, this plastic chain is the perfect solution for creating boundaries, directing traffic, or enhancing your event décor. The 8mm thickness ensures robustness, making it suitable for various applications, from crowd control to DIY projects.

With a generous length of 25 meters, this chain offers versatility for your needs. Whether you're organizing an event, securing an area, or adding a decorative touch to your space, our Plastic Chain is your reliable companion.

Stand out with the bold Yellow and Black color scheme, catching the eye while serving its purpose effectively. Its weather-resistant material ensures longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Experience peace of mind knowing you've invested in a product that combines functionality and style seamlessly.

Upgrade your safety measures and elevate your space with our 25 Meter Plastic Chain – the perfect blend of strength, visibility, and aesthetic appeal. Order now and transform your surroundings with this durable and eye-catching solution. 

Item Type: Plastic Barrier Chain
Brand: Berry
Yellow & Black
25 Meter
6 MM
Made in: 
for Outdoor and Indoor Applications

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