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8mm By 15mm Mermaid Air Hose 50 Meter Orange| Three Layer PVC Gas Hose

8mm By 15mm Mermaid Air Hose 50 Meter Orange| Three Layer PVC Gas Hose


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This powerful orange air hose is engineered for applications demanding efficient air delivery. Constructed from robust, three-layer PVC, it boasts exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. The 8mm inner diameter provides a perfect balance between maneuverability and airflow, ideal for powering a variety of pneumatic tools and equipment. This 50-meter hose offers ample reach for workshops, factories, and construction sites, allowing for unrestricted movement throughout your workspace. The vibrant orange color enhances visibility, promoting safety and reducing trip hazards.

Material: Polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C)
Length: 50 Meter
Color: Orange
Hose Inside Diameter: 8mm
Hose Outside Diameter: 16mm
Pressure: 20
Hose Width: 5/16 Inches
Reinforcement: Hight Tensile Textile Reinforcement
Application: Industrial Hose, Oil and sun heat resistant

Features: Two layers with High Tensile textile reinforcement in different colors, with two lines on the outer layer, Medium Pressure AIR Hose
Application: Suitable for industrial air use, oil, and sun heat resistance.

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