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Caution Wet Floor EN -AR Board

Caution Wet Floor EN -AR Board

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Item Type: Caution Wet Floor Sign
Brand: Berry
Color: Yellow
Material: Plastic
Dimension: 60.5x 33x 30 CM
Special Features: Easily noticeable, Free-standing, Foldable Design
Suitable for: Indoors and Outdoors Uses

About this item

Wet floors are no match for our shoes! 
This sign is perfect for businesses that want to increase safety and decrease the amount of liability. This double-sided sign is easy to see and can be placed in high-traffic areas where spills are likely to occur 

  • Caution Wet Floor signs are an important safety measure to help prevent slips and falls
  • They should be placed in high foot traffic areas where there is a potential for wet floors
  • The signs should be brightly colored and easy to read
  • They should be placed close to the source of the wet floor hazard

This slippery floor warning sign is visible even from a distance, this bright yellow wet floor warning sign also features bold English and Arabic lettering. This lightweight plastic wet floor warning sign has a handle and a foldable shape that make it simple to move and store the item after usage.


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