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Ceramic Road Stud 10CM White or Yellow

Ceramic Road Stud 10CM White or Yellow

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Model Name: Ceramic Road Stud 10CM White

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 22 mm - Size allows for clear visibility while withstanding vehicle traffic.

Material: Ceramic - Highly durable ceramic construction withstands wear, weathering and ultraviolet exposure.

Color: White -Yellow Enhances visibility especially at nighttime and in rainy conditions.

Applications: Long-lasting lane markings on highways, arterial roads, roundabouts, and tunnels.


Precision-Molded - Consistent sizing and shape secures uniform road markings.

Chemical Resistant - Impervious to de-icing chemicals and other automotive fluids on road surfaces.

Easy Installation - Bonded securely using epoxy resin adhesive, providing a permanent bond resistant to removal by traffic.

The ceramic construction of this road stud makes it ideal for demanding, high-traffic applications. Its reflective lenses and chemical resistance ensure clear, long-lasting lane markings even in harsh road conditions for improved visibility and driver direction.
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