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Refuge Delineator 90 CM BLACK 12250 UB R

Refuge Delineator 90 CM BLACK 12250 UB R


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This is a flexible Delineator post available in two lengths:

• 100 centimeter long
• 90 centimeters long

Both are made of the same polyurethane material and are black in color.

The 100cm post is 3.2cm thick and weighs 3.1 kilograms.
The 90cm post is 2.2cm thick and weighs 1.7 kilograms.

You can fix them to the road using screws and anchors (size 10x90x18mm).


• Highly flexible - not affected by extreme temperatures
• Resists crushing and impacts
• Absorbs energy during impact


Used to mark path boundaries and provide noticeable visual warnings, especially at night. Helps improve road safety.

The flexible material and reflective lights make these Delineator posts effective at warning drivers, especially in poor visibility conditions. The black color helps them blend in visually during the day while still performing their safety functions.
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