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Flood Protection Barrier, Commercial Emergency Temporary Dams Door Flood Barrier Factory Warehouse Property Water Barrier

Flood Protection Barrier, Commercial Emergency Temporary Dams Door Flood Barrier Factory Warehouse Property Water Barrier

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Flood Control Board
Material: High-hardness ABS polymer
Manufacturing Process: One-piece moulding
Colour: Red
Number of Products: 1
Size: 68x70.5x52.8 cm
Weight: 4.6 kg (4600 grams)
Equivalent to: 10 sandbags

The Flood Control Board is a robust and reliable solution designed to protect against the sudden occurrence of heavy rainfall and flooding. Made from high-hardness ABS polymer material, this L-type water plug boasts exceptional impact strength and durability, ensuring it remains intact even under extreme conditions. Its innovative design allows it to convert the weight of the water into pressure, maintaining stability and preventing it from tipping over, no matter how high the floodwater rises.

Key Features:

High Impact Strength: Constructed from ABS polymer, the flood board is not easy to break and can withstand substantial force.
Portable and Movable: Designed for easy transportation and installation, making it ideal for emergencies.
Effective Sealing: Equipped with a wear-resistant memory material bottom sealing strip that prevents water seepage. The one-piece design with a snap connection ensures easy dismantling and installation.
Versatile Application: Perfect for protecting homes, underground garages, warehouses, and commercial establishments from flooding and water damage.
Customer Assurance:
We are committed to your satisfaction. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns about your order, please contact us. We will respond to your email within 24 hours!

Real-world Impact:
The Flood Control Board has been instrumental in saving numerous companies and warehouses from flood and water damage. Its reliable performance and easy deployment make it an essential tool for flood preparedness, ensuring the safety and security of your property during adverse weather conditions.

Please Note:

Due to potential bumps during logistics and mailing, slight wear and tear may be present upon receipt of the goods.
The product images may differ slightly from the actual product, and there may be a 1-2 cm size error, which is a normal occurrence.





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