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Foldable Delineator 100cm 12415 DB R 100

Foldable Delineator 100cm 12415 DB R 100

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This is a 100-centimeter foldable delineator (marker). It has the following specifications and features:


Dimensions: 480X200X1000 mm.
Material: PPC body and PP base
Color: Yellow with red reflective signals
Weight: 11.1 kilograms

It is used in warning and work zones including roads, construction sites, residential areas, and parking lots.

The reflective signals comply with EN 13422 specifications
Foldable base for minimum storage space
Provides maximum stability thanks to the weighted base
Two-way warning
Customized graphic panels available on request
Lamps and directional signs can be attached
Operating temperature range: from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.
It holds the DIN EN 9001:2008 quality certificate
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