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One Inch Wide Fire Hose 25 Meter - Red| Heat Resistant Mermaid PVC Fire Hose

One Inch Wide Fire Hose 25 Meter - Red| Heat Resistant Mermaid PVC Fire Hose


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Brand Name: Mermaid Fire Hose
Type: PVC Fire Hose
Available Sizes: Ranging from 13 mm up to 50 mm
Material: Made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Features: Two layers construction, the inner layer is black and the outer layer is red
Application: For industrial use, oil and heat resistant
Place of Manufacture: United Arab Emirates
Wide: One Inch
Working Pressure: 20 Bar (300 Psi)
Roll Length: 25 Metres

Be Prepared for Fire Emergencies with This Reliable Fire Hose

Ensure you have the equipment to extinguish a fire effectively with this dependable one-inch diameter fire hose. This 25-meter long hose, constructed from high-quality heat-resistant PVC, is built to withstand the demanding situations firefighters encounter.

The durable design allows the hose to handle high water pressure, ensuring a powerful stream to combat flames. At the same time, the lightweight and flexible construction makes it easy for firefighters to manoeuvre and deploy the hose in various situations. Whether you're a professional firefighter or a property owner who prioritises preparedness, this versatile hose is a valuable addition to your fire safety arsenal.

This 25-meter length offers a good balance between manoeuvrability and reach, making it suitable for most fire scenarios. Plus, the standard one-inch diameter ensures compatibility with most fire hose couplings (sold separately) for a seamless setup.

Invest in peace of mind and fire safety with this dependable fire hose. Add it to your cart today!

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