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PVC Reflective Speed Ramp - Black | Speed Deceleration Hump for Highway and Roads

PVC Reflective Speed Ramp - Black | Speed Deceleration Hump for Highway and Roads

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Item Type: Speed Ramp
Brand: Evelux Tech
Color: Black
Material: PVC
Reflector: Yes, 2 Acrylic Reflective Lenses(only on main section)
Finish Type: Anti-Slip Finishing
Modular Interlocking: Yes
Installation: Screw Fixing (not included)
Dimensions: Main Section: 500x 400x 40MM
                     End Section:  200x 400x 40MM

About this item

This is the perfect solution for highways and roads that need a little extra help slowing down drivers. The PVC reflective speed ramp speed deceleration hump is black, making it easy to see day or night. Plus, the extra reflectivity will help ensure that drivers are alerted to the presence of the hump and slow down in time 

  • PVC Reflective Speed Ramp is a great way to slow down drivers on highways and roads
  • The speed hump is made of black PVC and is reflective for added safety
  • This speed ramp can be used on any highway or road surface
  • The ramp features a speed deceleration design that slows down vehicles as they drive over it

The Traffic Safety Speed Ramp is constructed from premium quality PVC Compound, ensuring its durability and longevity. Its modular design allows it to be expanded to fit any road width by connecting multiple ramps. With its optimal height and sloped shape, it effectively slows down vehicles and enables them to pass over the ramp without causing damage to their wheel trim.

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