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Tire Padlock Small

Tire Padlock Small

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Model Name: Tire Padlock Small
Dimension: 480 X 220 mm
Material: Made of manganese steel, PVC, silicone
Color: Not specified
Weight: 2.5 kg
Place it on the tire with a padlock

The tire padlock:
• Can lock a tire when parked in the wrong spot
• Made from rust-resistant steel and durable silicone for longevity
• Easy to install and use quickly with any wheel
• Comes in various sizes to fit different wheel sizes
• Small and lightweight for easy portability
• Weather resistant to rain and extreme heat
• Comes with a keyhole that only accepts its original key to prevent tampering

• Comes with high specifications

• It is used to lock the wheel of a vehicle
• It is placed around the tire and locked with a padlock to secure the wheel and car in place.


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