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Wall Guard Rubber Yellow Strip AE 12104Y - 3M

Wall Guard Rubber Yellow Strip AE 12104Y - 3M


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Model Name. Wall Guard Rubber Yellow Strip

Dimension 1000 x 200 x 25
Material RUBBER
Color black 
Weight 12 K.G

 Yellow strip rubber wall guard. It has the following specifications:


Dimensions: 1000X200X25 mm
Material: Rubber
Weight: 12 kilograms
Color: Striped yellow
It can be fixed to the wall using 30X80mm screws and anchors.

It protects walls from impacts and abrasions. Features:

High durability and resistance to abrasion
Flexible rubber absorbs impacts
Easy to clean and install
Striking yellow color
The purpose is to protect walls from scratches and damage thanks to the flexible rubber that absorbs impacts and reduces them. It is typically used in schools, hospitals, and public buildings.

The rubber material is firm yet flexible. The striped yellow color makes it highly visible and aesthetically pleasing. The wall guard can be cut to the required lengths and easily installed on any wall surface.

Overall, the rubber wall guard is an effective and affordable solution to shield walls from everyday bumps and knocks while adding a decorative touch.

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