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Wet Floor Banana Cone 92 cm

Wet Floor Banana Cone 92 cm

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The Banana SignTM is a creative and distinct wet floor sign shaped like a banana peel to warn people of slippery floors in a fun and memorable way.


The main features of this caution sign include:


• A banana shape that catches the eye and delivers the message "Watch your step, don't slip".


• It collapses flat for easy storage and stands upright when needed with integrated hangers at the top.


• Four rubber stoppers on each side that stop the sign from sliding even if knocked over, preventing it from becoming a slip hazard itself.


• Painted with brown tips and a green top to closely resemble a real banana peel, further visually enhancing the cautionary message.


The unique, collapsible design delivers a cautionary "don't slip" warning in an eye-catching


the humorous manner that people are likely to notice and remember.


This humorous yet practical sign warns of wet floors creatively and memorably.


This banana-shaped sign is useful for:


• Malls


• Schools


• Public facilities like grocery stores, hospitals, and airports


• Anywhere that slippery floors pose a hazard


The fun banana design helps catch people's attention and convey the safety message effectively.

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