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Wheel Stopper 93 cm - Black with Yellow Reflective Stripes

Wheel Stopper 93 cm - Black with Yellow Reflective Stripes

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Brand: Berry
Color: Black with Yellow Reflective Stripes
Material: Rubber
Installation: Freestanding/Screw Fixing (screws not included)
Dimensions: 900 x 150 x 100 mm

About this item 

This Wheel Stopper 93 cm is a highly efficient parking accessory meticulously designed to prioritize vehicle safety. Constructed with top-quality materials, this durable wheel stopper offers exceptional performance and long-lasting resilience. Its prominent length of 90 cm ensures optimal coverage and effectiveness. With its high visibility, effortless installation, and universal compatibility, this wheel stopper is an essential solution to enhance parking safety and deter unauthorized vehicle movement. Trust the Wheel Stopper 93 cm as the ultimate must-have addition for parking lots and garages, exclusively available at our Shopify store in the UAE.

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