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Mermaid Central Bulb Water Stop| 10 Meter Blue PVC Water Stop 150mm

Mermaid Central Bulb Water Stop| 10 Meter Blue PVC Water Stop 150mm


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Meet the Mermaid Central Bulb Water Stop by Biri Group – your compact defender against water mischief in construction! Imagine a 10-meter superhero in vibrant blue PVC, armed with a slim 150mm width, ready to tackle water intrusion head-on.

This isn't just a water stop; it's your project's stylish and effective sidekick. The central bulb isn't just a design choice; it's the unsung hero, bringing grip and stability to ensure your construction stays on solid ground, literally.

  • Item Type: Water Stop
  • Brand: Mermaid
  • Type: Central Bulb
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimension: 300x25m 
  • Color: Blue

About this item

- Water Stop should inside two pieces of concrete with attention not to submerge the opening of central bulb.
- Water stop should tend with nearest steel bar column of a network of concrete , Be sure to fill the concrete and do not leave any space between concrete and water stop.

 Uses :
- Basements and underground structures
- Swimming pools / reservoir / water tank
- Tunnels and subways / Water Excluding or Structures
- R C Flat Roof / Bridge Deck / Dams / Canals / Spillways

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