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Solar Flashing LED Lamps Red

Solar Flashing LED Lamps Red

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Enhance safety and visibility in any environment with our Solar Flashing LED Lamp designed specifically for one-way warning applications. With its advanced features and durable construction, this lamp is an essential tool for road safety, worksites, parking lots, and more.

  • Flashing Pattern: 105 flashes per minute for clear warning signals.
  • Lens Quality: High-quality lens surfaces ensure optimal light dispersion and visibility.
  • Solar-Powered Battery: Equipped with a long-lasting battery powered by solar energy, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.
  • Daylight Charging: Ensures continuous, efficient, and effective warning throughout the day by harnessing solar energy for charging.
  • On/Off Button: Allows for easy control of the lamp, enabling users to turn it on or off as needed.
  • Easy Assembly: Grooved connection design facilitates quick and hassle-free assembly, while the 360° direction adjustment feature with a spring mechanism ensures optimal positioning.
  • Versatile Mounting: Designed for mounting on cones, pillars, barriers, barricades, and delineators, offering flexibility in deployment.
  • Wide Area of Use: Suitable for warning applications on roads, in working areas, parking lots, and any location requiring occupational safety measures.

Illuminate your surroundings with confidence and efficiency using our Solar Flashing LED Lamp for One-Way Warning. Ensure safety and visibility in various environments with this versatile and reliable lighting solution.

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