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Solar Powered LED Strobe Light Red & Blue | 64 Ultra LEDs with Day & Night Sensor

Solar Powered LED Strobe Light Red & Blue | 64 Ultra LEDs with Day & Night Sensor

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Colors: Blue & Red
Dimension: 120 x 530 x 130
Material: PC Lens & Aluminium Body
Weight: 3.6 KG
Visual Distance: 2 KM
Sensor: Day & Night


Double the Warning Power with the Solar Powered LED Strobe Light (Red & Blue)

Ensure maximum visibility and safety in low-light conditions with the Solar Powered LED Strobe Light! This innovative light features a powerful combination of 64 ultra-bright LEDs in both red and blue, creating an eye-catching strobe effect that effectively grabs attention and alerts people to potential hazards.

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Dual Color Strobe: Red and blue LEDs provide a more noticeable warning signal compared to single-color options.
  • Strobe Effect: The continuous flashing pattern instantly grabs attention, promoting safety awareness.
  • Built-in Day/Night Sensor: Automatically activates at dusk and deactivates at dawn for efficient and sustainable operation.

Durable Design for Lasting Performance:

  • Weatherproof Construction: Withstands harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and sun exposure.
  • Heavy-Duty Housing: Protects the internal components from damage.
  • PC Lens: Ensures optimal light transmission and protects the LEDs.

Solar Power: Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

  • Harness the Sun's Power: Charges throughout the day, eliminating the need for electrical wiring or battery replacements.
  • Long-Lasting Illumination: Provides continuous warning signals throughout the night.

Ideal Applications:

  • Driveways and pathways
  • Work zones and construction sites
  • Traffic control areas
  • Parking lots and entrances
  • Any location requiring a high-visibility, attention-grabbing warning signal
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