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Wall Guard H/D 200x3000 3 Meter

Wall Guard H/D 200x3000 3 Meter

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Model Name. : Wall Guard H/D 200x3000 3 Meter

Dimensio 3000 x 200 x 12

Material:  PVC

Color:  Black            

Weight:  10 K.G

The 200mm x 3000mm Heavy Duty Wall Protection Profile is an industrial-grade safety barrier designed to protect vulnerable walls from damage caused by impact, abrasion, and friction.

Made of high-impact polyethylene, this 10-foot-long wall guard offers robust protection for vulnerable wall surfaces. The 200mm width provides ample coverage to shield walls from moving equipment, forklifts, carts, and other objects that may collide with walls.

This wall guard's contoured profile and semi-hard durometer create a dense protective layer that absorbs impact energy, minimizing the risk of wall damage from impacts. The curved shape also helps to guide moving objects and vehicles away from wall surfaces.

It installs using screws or anchors (not included) into most wall types. The brackets enable adjustable positioning of the wall guard to ensure a tight fit against the wall.

Once installed, this heavy-duty polyethylene wall protection profile provides invisible yet adequate protection for vulnerable wall surfaces in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. It is especially suitable for traffic areas next to walls like loading docks, aisles, and hallways.

Overall, the 200mm x 3000mm Heavy Duty Wall Guard offers a cost-effective solution for creating a durable protective barrier that will shield vulnerable walls from impacts, damage and wear for years to come.




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